COVID-19 Safety Policies

Golf Whistler COVID-19 Safety and Procedures

Whistler is happy to invite guests back to our golf courses. However, we ask that golfers please respect the new COVID-19 protocols that have been established for guest and golf staff safety. Listed below are the COVID-19 safety and procedures for all four Golf Whistler partners.

Nicklaus North Golf Course

Our priority is the safety of our Community, Members, Guests and Team Members. We continue to monitor the public health situation around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and commit to follow the latest directions provided to us by the relevant authorities. We will continue to expand our services and programs when the time is right. Nicklaus North is taking certain measures to help prevent the possible spread of the virus. To support the efforts of the individual, we have implemented certain strategies at this property.

General Policies

  • If you have travelled outside of Canada, you are not permitted at our facility until you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days.
  • If you are feeling unwell in any way, please do not come to our facility.
  • Please do not visit if you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms
  • The golf course is closed at 9pm, all power carts must be in by 9pm.
  • We have trained our team extensively for your safety.
  • Consider carrying your own hand sanitizer and use frequently.
  • Please do not carpool unless you cohabitate with the other players.

Booking Procedures and Services

  • Tee Time reservations online only.
  • No walk-ins permitted, do not come to the golf course without a scheduled tee time.
  • We will book players to form groups of four. If you are not comfortable being paired, please contact the Golf Shop by phone where you may be able to secure a time for your players after 12pm.
  • The player reserving the tee time is responsible for payment of all green fees/carts if possible; one player only for check-in at the Golf Shop is preferred. No cash please.
  • Please practice physical distancing at all times (6ft).
  • Our Table Nineteen Restaurant is open at 10:30am daily. We do not offer general reservations. The Refreshment Center between holes 4 and 10 is open. Bottled drinks, pre-packaged snacks, and coffee is also available for purchase in the Golf Shop during check-in.
  • The restrooms at the clubhouse will be open and will be sanitized hourly.
  • The Practice Facility is open until 1.5 hours prior to dusk for those playing golf and Member practice time, please respect signage for physical distancing.

Upon arrival, please note the following procedures:

  • No outside alcohol is permitted; it is the law. Anyone caught with outside alcohol will be asked to leave.
  • All players will be required to handle their own clubs from arrival to departure. We encourage you to bring your own pull cart.
  • Power carts are available and may be shared for guests “in the same party”.
  • We reserve the right to prioritize sanitized power carts for those with reduced mobility, if availability is limited.

While on-course, procedures include:

  • Do not handle each other’s golf balls, tees, ball markers, clubs, etc.
  • No bunker rakes, ball washers, sand/seed bottles (please replace your divots) or garbage bins.
  • Team Members will be raking bunkers throughout the day. Improve your lie within one club length and use your foot to smooth out the sand.
  • We encourage nods or waves instead of handshakes.
  • The washrooms and Refreshment Center on hole 4/10 will be open and sanitized hourly.
  • Water stations are not available - please bring your own water unless you wish to purchase.
  • Do not touch or move the flagstick. FLAGSTICKS STAY IN AT ALL TIMES.

Whistler Golf Club

During these times we hope that golf can become a way for people to enjoy some fresh air and socialization (although at a distance), and have implemented the following changes to our operations in order to keep our staff and guests safe. By booking your tee time you are responsible for everyone in your group understanding these mandatory policies. please ensure all our your guests have familiarized themselves with these new policies prior to their arrival at our property.

General Information and procedure:

  • If you have travelled outside of Canada, you are not permitted at our facility until you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days.
  • If you are feeling unwell in any way, please do not come to our facility.
  • If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to our facility.
  • Please practice social distancing at all times (6ft apart from each other) NO handshaking, NO hugging etc.
  • Do not handle each other’s golf balls, tees, ball markers etc.
  • Please bring your own water as we will not be providing any and will have no place for you to fill up your water bottles at this time.
  • The restrooms at the clubhouse will be open and will be sanitized regularly.
  • No walk ins. Times must be booked online or by phone prior to playing.
  • Non-golfing spectators are not permitted on course or at the range at this time.

On Arrival:

  • No outside alcohol is permitted. Anyone caught with outside alcohol will be asked to leave.
  • Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your tee time. If you arrive earlier, stay in your vehicle.
  • We will not be providing, tees, towels, pencils, water, coolers or sand bottles at this time.
  • We are limiting the number of guests allowed in the golf shop/restroom area via our rear door.
  • We will not be taking your clubs from you upon arrival as we normally would. Please bring your bag to our cart staging area and place it our your chosen, pre-sanitized power or pull cart. For any guests with reduced mobility, please speak to a staff member and we will be glad to help you with your bag.
  • If the group you have booked has fewer than four players, please be prepared to be paired up with others. If you would like to avoid this, you are welcome to purchase the vacant spots.
  • For retail purchases, please be prepared to pay with credit or debit as we will not be accepting cash. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, and JCB. All sales final in Pro Shop.

At The Range:

  • Wednesday through Monday, the range will be open 30 minutes prior to the first tee time of the day, then close at 7 PM. On Tuesdays, the Range will open at 10am due to maintenance
  • We will not be offering shuttle service to and from our driving range. It will take approximately three minutes to walk there, and we welcome you to take a pull cart to make the travel easier. Unfortunately our power carts cannot make the trip.
  • Please follow directional arrows as you enter and exit the range.
  • To promote social distancing, only alternate stalls are open. Please respect signage.
  • Stalls are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Space at the Range is not guaranteed.
  • Guests may be limited to 100 balls per visit during peak times.
  • Unfortunately, non-golfing spectators are not allowed at this time.

On Course:

  • There will be no bunker rakes, ball washers, or garbage bins on course. Please take home any garbage and recycling.
  • All on course washrooms are open and sanitized regularly.
  • Staff will be raking bunkers throughout the day. All golfers may improve there lie within one club length.
  • Do not touch another players club.
  • Do not touch or move the flagstick. FLAGSTICKS STAY IN AT ALL TIMES. Anyone seen removing the flagstick will be asked to leave the property.
  • Cup caddies are on all holes, please use your club to lift the lever and remove your ball from the cup.
  • Power carts are available, but may not be shared unless with two players from the same household. No ride-alongs at all.
  • Our water stations will not be in use. Please plan ahead and fill your re-usable bottle at home.
  • For scorekeeping and GPS, we encourage guests to use our free app.

Food and Beverage

  • You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol! Doing so jeopardizes our liquor licence and will result in you being asked to leave the course.
  • The beverage cart will be on course daily (weather permitting), and concession items are available in the Golf Shop prior to your round.
  • Crabapple Corner will be open from 10:30 AM to 5 PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please call in your order from the eighth tee. The hut will be closed mid-week.
  • The deck at Palmer’s is open daily (weather permitting) for drinks and food after your round.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club

The following guidelines have been created to assist guests in preparing for, and playing golf at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course during COVID-19. The guidelines are based on the direction provided by the Allied Golf Association of British Columbia, consistency with the overall resort and best practices from other clubs. We appreciate your support in adhering to the guidelines and helping us keep the game and our facility safe during the 2020 golfing season.

General Requirements

If you have COVID-19, COVID-19 symptoms, are self-isolating or have travelled outside Canada in the last 14-days you will not be permitted at the facility.

All golfers will be asked to:

  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer as necessary.
  • Practice social distancing (6 feet) between you and others at all times.
  • Respect the signs and instructions of staff at the facility.

Arrival & Pre-Round

  • Access to the course is limited to staff, club members and guests with pre-booked tee-times or lessons.
  • Arrive at the course no earlier than 20 minutes prior to your reserved time.
  • Greeter will direct and guide guests to park in the front loop.
  • All guests must check-in upon arrival. A greeter will then perform a screening check comprising of a non-invasive temperature check (must be under 100.4 F) and short questionnaire.
  • Golfers are encouraged to arrive ready in their golf attire.
  • The washrooms in the Clubhouse and on-course are open. Ensure to sanitize hands before and after use of washrooms.
  • Water bottles will be provided at the course. No water refill stations available on course.
  • Golfers wishing to use the Practice Facility are to arrive 1 hour prior to their tee time, will be shuttled to the Practice Facility, and returned to the clubhouse via shuttle 20 minutes prior to their tee time.
  • People wishing to warm up prior to their round may use the hitting nets at the clubhouse 20 minutes prior to their tee time. Please use your own balls.
  • The supervisor will direct groups to the first tee 5 minutes before their tee time. Guests are expected to be ready to go to the tee at that time.

Check-in and Retail Shop

  • Members do not need to check-in inside the pro shop upon arrival. They must have their temperature checked by greeter then may proceed to the back deck.
  • A maximum of 4 guests will be permitted in the Retail shop and must practice physical distancing at all times.
  • People interested in purchasing product from the Retail shop will be permitted to try it on, however, we do ask our guests to sanitize their hands prior to handling any product.
  • Items tried on will be placed in a 48 hour quarantine box to ensure sanitation.

Golf Carts and Provisions

  • Golf cart rentals must be used by one individual only, unless being shared by members of the same household.
  • Golf carts will be cleaned and sanitized after every use.
  • Packages with scorecard, tees and pencil available for guests upon request.
  • Each cart will have a bunker rake provided to be used throughout the round and returned to clubhouse after each round for sanitizing. No bunker rakes will be on course.
  • Each cart will have sand and seed bottles to be used throughout round and sanitized afterwards. No sand and seed refills on course.
  • One golf towel per golfer provided on cart. Towels are washed after each use.
  • Electronic GPS scoring is encouraged as well as scoring through our app. GPS screens disinfected after each round.

Practice Facility

  • Practice facility will be open 10-5 daily.
  • People wishing to use the practice facility exclusive of a tee time may do so for a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • People must line up at the main entrance to the practice facility and an attendant will escort you to your mat with golf balls to use. Please follow the directions for exiting.
  • Every second mat has been removed to create a 6 foot gap between mats. Golfers are encouraged to use their own tees on the mats.
  • Mats and dividers will be cleaned and sanitized once during the day and once after close at night.
  • Golf Balls will be washed with soap and disinfectant before being put back into use.
  • All practice greens will be open. Maximum 4 persons on any putting green at a time. Maximum 2 people using the practice chipping or bunker greens at a time. Golfers must use their own balls when practicing at any of the practice greens.

On the Course

  • Physical distancing must be observed throughout play with special attention paid at tees and greens and with other groups ahead and behind you.
  • There are no water stations on course.
  • On-course washrooms available during play.
  • Flagsticks are to remain in the hole and must not be touched. A device has been put on each flagstick to allow easy removal of your ball using your putter.

Post Round

  • Any person who has a second round booked will proceed to the supervisor on the back deck following completion of their first round for direction on what to do prior to their second round.
  • If there will be a delay before their second tee time, the cart will be parked in a designated area until their tee time arrives.
  • Persons should depart the course within 20 minutes of completing play./li>

Rental Clubs

  • Rental Clubs are available for use. They cannot be shared and will be disinfected after each use.

Food & Beverage

  • The Clubhouse restaurant is open for take away only. Food and beverage is also available at the Bearhouse after holes #5 & 14. Please ensure to sanitize hands before and after visiting the Bearhouse.

Big Sky Golf Club

Club Access:

  • Golfers are not permitted on the property if they have been in contact with or reside with someone who has returned from any country outside of Canada in the past 14-days. Please do no visit the club for 14 days from date of return to Canada.
  • Anyone with a fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing or flu like symptoms or have been in contact with or resides with someone who has those symptoms will be required to remain away from the property for 14-days commencing at the completion of the flu symptoms.
  • Only those with prearranged tee-times or items to pick-up are permitted on the property.
  • There will be no ‘drop-in’ or ‘walk-on’ golf reservations permitted.


  • Tee-times will be available until 9AM-5:30PM (9-holes only available starting from 4PM onward).
  • If you require items from the golf shop (balls, gloves, hats, F&B), they are encouraged to request these items upon making their reservation to allow golf shop team to have these items prepared upon arrival.
  • Golf shop staff will be protected via Plexiglas barrier at the point of sale.
  • Debit/credit terminals will be sanitized after every transaction.


  • Golfers must follow directional signage and enter to the 1st tee through the bag drop area.
  • Do not approach staff or violate the required physical distancing of 6 feet or 2 meters.


  • Golf shop and washrooms will be open from 8:30AM-7PM daily and cleaned multiple times.
  • Limited clubhouse access, limited persons at a time only for washroom access and paying for golf.
  • Fescuses Restaurant is open 7 days a week from 11AM-6PM. Please maintain social distancing, tables will be spaced an adequate distance apart.
  • Member locker rooms will remain closed.
  • Power carts are available and sanitized after each use.
  • Pull-carts will be available ($5) for guests and will be sanitized after use.
  • Demo clubs are available for use and will be sanitized after each use.
  • Cash will not be acceptable payment. Onsite payment options will be debit, credit and member charge accounts.

On Course:

  • Tee time intervals will be increased to 15 minutes.
  • All players (including those from the same household) must social distance at least 2 meters, no gatherings permitted.
  • On course washrooms will be cleaned multiple times a day and will be stocked with wipes for guests to wipe down surfaces they have touched following use.
  • Ball cleaners, drinking water stations and benches will be removed from tee boxes.
  • Rakes will be removed from bunkers. Please use your feet to level the surface.
  • There will be no garbage cans available; please take all of your garbage with you.
  • There will be no towels service.
  • Flagsticks are to remain in the cup at all times, please do not touch the flag poles.
  • Cups will be fitted with a pin caddie.
  • Playing through another group is not permitted, golf course must be played in its order (1,2,3…).
  • When putting, the first player must putt out and finish the hole before the next player putts.

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